Chocolate & Spice Makes Everything Nice!

I love the creative side of our business especially stumbling upon a particular food, condiment or spice that has you scratching your head, such as what occurred with our balsamic vinegar truffles.  Out of an olive oil store on Maui came one of our most popular items. The creative side of our craft can even eclipse the ability to taste chocolate every day, should we be so inclined. Of course we’re not talking everyday, supermarket chocolate!  Creating a confection with what might otherwise seem incompatible ingredients and your taste buds are both confused and deliriously happy? Now that’s a special moment. Like these two new creations:

Coconut Curry Delight
What’s inside: White chocolate ganache, toasted coconut, Madras curry powder.

What’s outside: 62% dark chocolate, toasted coconut & Madras curry powder dust.

Portus Augutus ( Limited Availability)
What’s inside: Combined milk and dark chocolate ganache blended with August Cellars silky smooth 2009 Port.

What’s outside: Hand-painted 62% dark chocolate shell.

Stop by the store when you're in the area  - we just may have some for you to sample!

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