The People Behind The Chocolate

This is the first blog post of our brand new website that has truly been a labor of love, as are our chocolates. And while a chocolate blog is supposed to be about chocolate, this first effort will be about the people behind the chocolate. A big part of the new website effort was managed by our friend Tim Greve, whose ideas and personality are as big as the Harley he rides. Our photography was produced by David Reamer who has this cool, edgy studio on SE Holgate and who likes great chocolate, great martinis and writes a pretty cool blog called “Sixty Seconds with David Reamer”. Our working kitchen and retail store has a great team; Amanda is our production manager and talented chocolatier. Sandy is our other chocolatier and a rising star. Marilyn keeps the books straight and knows how to recycle everything. Lisa is a “Jacqueline of all trades” from packaging to selling and everything in between. Young Kenny Dye is the muscle. All 6’6” of him. He also plays a mean trumpet. My wife and partner, Margaret is the maestro of selling and customer service and keeping all of the moving parts running smoothly. Me? I guess you can call me the idea guy. I am constantly pairing chocolate and a world of ingredients in my head. Whether it’s the Balsamic Vinegar Truffles, Steven’s Raspberries, or the award-winning Guava Wood Smoked Sea Salt Caramel, I am always tinkering with something.   What’s around the corner? Look for the next blog for a clue.

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